Monday, January 21, 2008

From an e-mail titled "And one more annoying thing...."

Hi Girls,
Have you noticed Suckabee's walk?? I don't care for that type of walk. The only person with a similar walk that I DO like, is Leonard Slatkin, conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra. He has a very good reason for his walk/posture, having held the baton for so long. Did you know Mrs. Suckabee has jumped out of planes? I will leave that comment and my successive thoughts on the subject to your imagination.
Dad is UP IN ARMS at the possibility of the reflecting pool being removed/covered up/ or in any way changed to accommodate attractive grass during public protests. ...

You know, I'm not sure what she means about the Mrs. I'm too hung up on Mrs. Romney's creepy past. Ew.

Then she gave away the ending of The Road, which I am reading right now. Which is unfortunate, since it's a suspense novel about a dystopian world, and you know, maybe I don't want the end given away, even though I ended up stressed out near page 50 and had to flip near the end and see if this was like I Am Legend the novel (spoiler: HE DIES! Goodbye, modern civilization!) or I Am Legend the movie (spoiler: Will Smith finds the cure for AIDS, lives, and gives hope that in time, civilization will return to as it is now--but probably better). Also, I just want to say that Charlotte's copy is not emblazoned with stickers for Oprah's Book Club (HEY GIRLFRIEND!) and that Oprah's advice is not what has forced me into the nightmares I'll endure of looking for civilization with the help of my last boyfriend who is, by and large, fairly incompetent and lacking in common sense and survival skills. (And then I had a dream that Ted Leo was performing on Capitol Hill and after everyone left he was going to join my family and friends at the bar when a tiger the size of an elephant lay seige to the city, but as hard as I try I can't blame Cormac McCarthy for that. And, what's weirder? That Ted Leo is going to save us or that my subconscious thinks Winifred and the King totally want to hit some Hill aide watering hole and shoot the shiz with Ted?) She asks a lot of questions really, because Charlotte read it first, and I tend to skim past it. BUT NOT THIS TIME. When I finish I'll post her commentary since I can't rely on her to do it. I'm clearing my throat for emphasis. Faux emphasis, since I'm not that upset.


Duh - who else? said...

I would like to make you aware that I read this book MONTHS ago, way before anyone else in the Hill family, and, I think, well before Oprah made it a book club book. Also, if you read *Children of Men* now that Annie has/will read it, I Would like it to be known that I read that at Thanksgiving 2006.

That is all.

Captain said...

gee, don't sound bitter or anything.
i don't want to read Children of Men.

Charlotte said...

Why didn't you tell us to read it?? I don't want to get in trouble, but I disliked Children of Men (the book).

Emily said...

I am not bitter - just wanted the record to be set straight.

I believe that I told everyone that I was reading it and that it should be read.

I knew Charlotte would like *Children of Men* - way better than the movie. Frankly, I was disappointed in the movie.