Wednesday, January 16, 2008


In an e-mail sent seven minutes ago:

Hello Girls,

At first I could not believe Michigan voters would vote for Romney. Then I realized the people he helped to put out of work are not Republican voters. On another note the AARP is endorsing Obama. Why? Because he "was raised by his grandmother so he will understand the needs of the elderly and retired." The real reason in this crock of crap is because the AARP has a significant number of old white members who are not going to vote for Senator Clinton.

On still another note, no one makes a better lemon meringue pie than I do. No one makes a better lemon tart than Charlotte does.

Love, MOM

I don't know about you but my favorite part is the pie.


Dude said...

I shared the pie lines with my friends at work. One said, "tell your mom she needs to send us some of these pies." I was amused.

Captain said...

SERIOUSLY, DUDE. You'd think she wouldn't have waited until I went back to school. I SEE WHERE THE LOVE IS.

I just took Nyquil, can you tell?
I think Mom should send you pie.