Monday, March 22, 2010


When I began The Gospel According to Winifred in 2007, I hoped to create a space on the Internet where my mother could share her opinions. (She asked that she remained anonymous.) I had planned that if I started writing, she would eventually follow in my footsteps and post herself.

I provided written instructions for signing in to Blogger and posting content. I also offered to transcribe posts for her or copy and paste from e-mails she sent. (This seems logical, since many posts are taken from family e-mails she sent. When the screws were turned, she decided to call e-mails she wrote “blogs” instead.)

Winifred has Facebook—and her own Twitter account—now. I am very busy explaining the difference between status updates, Tweets, and wall posts. I am also explaining what a wall post is, what a news feed is, and encouraging Winifred not to back out on a status update, as she sometimes thinks all 11 of her friends constitute as too many people to know her opinion. (This is unfortunate, as most of my friend have rallied, requesting her friendship via social networking.)

I am currently busy job hunting and managing my own blogs. I am hoping to launch a cooking blog soon, and am busy writing educational and informative articles regarding technology and pop culture for adults. (I also hoped that blog would encourage Winifred to post.) Because I live at home, I am privy to my mother's funny, insightful, and revolutionary ideas (ask her about New Moon). Unfortunately, I do not receive her family e-mails (not blogs), and am unable to lazily use them for blog posts.

I hope Winifred will join the blogosphere one day. Until then, I hope you enjoy the archives.

Your Captain