Saturday, August 30, 2008

If you watch the jaw of John while Sarah is talking about shattering the glass ceiling, you will see, aside from the fake smile, a clench and a twitch. Talk about body language!

Friday, August 29, 2008

We Are Not Puppets

Dear John,
Do not think picking a woman for your running mate will bring any Hillary supporters to your side. Do not underestimate our intelligence. Do you think Sarah Palin "worked hard enough" for her position? Did she simply "work harder"? Is that what attracted you to her? Or was it her Penecostal--Assembly of God religious affiliation? Did you think we needed another John Ashcroft slap in the face? Perhaps it was because her son is in the Army? Since the two of you are so interested in saving the unborn from abortion will she show some consideration now for the lives of the soldiers you are so interested in keeping in the fight? Do you really think the intelligent women of America will vote for you because you have chosen a female running mate and not realize the age longevity in your family? Do we not know you have a certain amount of longevity in your family? We know your 96 year old mother is still tooling around C hevy Chase, getting speeding tickets. Do you think we don't know just how often a vice-president actually takes over the office of the presidency? Do you really think we believe,with your history with women, that you will actually ask Gov. Palin what she thinks? Even if you did, we don't care what she thinks--we already know! Please do not think you have pulled the puppet strings of women in America simply by choosing a token for your running mate. Will you help her look at herself in the mirror when she realizes you are pulling those strings? We are no longer available for your slaps in the face. Do not count us out. We are female Weebles--we may wobble but we don't fall down.