Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Winifred joined Twitter (@WinifredQ) and today she hilariously wrote:
Icon_lockIt is FULL OUT WAR!Icon_lockA mole desperately wants to take up residence in my flower bed. I have gently suggested a variety of relocations to him to no avail, so ...
Hopefully she will keep up with Twitter. Since she never found regular blogging interesting...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Emily is in town this week, and she helped Mom pack my lunch for work last night. (Yes, I know, I am old enough, but when someone says, “I took last week’s leftovers, put it into a Gladware container, and it’s in a brown bag in the fridge,” a person DOES NOT SAY NO.) And she wrote me a note!



Enjoy your lunch, don’t work too hard.


It’s my first note since elementary school.

Yes, I tacked it to my cubicle wall.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She'll get her vitamins elsewhere, haters!

Winifred sent this a few weeks ago. This is a new story to me, and has brought to light that my grandmother would boycott anyone, proving that my ability to drop anything (Domino's, Nike, The Frito Lay Company/Pepsi/ goes on and on) may be genetic. Of course, this incident is far more important, and helped bring down Anita Bryant.
Hello Girls,

As it happens, Aunt [Ina], Dad, and I watched Milk last night. Aunt [Ina] and I were discussing it today. She casually dropped this comment into the conversation: "Do you remember when Mom was so angry with Anita Bryant, her railing was not enough--she boycotted the orange juice?" Well, NO, I do not remember this, as I was not living in the home at the time. Of course, Ina was not living there either. I KNEW you would want to know this bit of info about Grandma.

Love, MOM

That's My Mom!

I'm not allowed to talk about controvery after 8:00 p.m. EST but I took a chance and held a pop quiz at 9:01 p.m. EST and asked my mom the following: Would you go on TV and ask why lesbians why they don't date women who look like men?

My mother was so astounded by the stupidity that her head began to tilt under the weight of sheer stupidity. I forced her to high five me, gave her an A+ and a gold star and yelled, "THAT'S MY MOM! YOU'RE WAY SMARTER THAN OPRAH!"

As I scampered into the distance Mom said she'd always hoped to surpass Oprah.

Fun fact! Mom doesn't subscribe to O, and sometimes she brings it home for the library for recipes or the special feature (when it's about books).

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