Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I’m a woman who loves a good list: making lists, reading lists, Top Tens, Best Ofs, Clipdowns, Countdowns, 50 Reasons Why, and a glossary overview of [property or principle] sets my heart aflutter. As such, I’m liable to tune in to Countdown with Keith Olberman on a Friday night whipping up the brownies and my nightly routine is not crawling under the covers with a book and a soothing stereo, but the remote and my buddies John and Steven.
John and Steven alleviate the nightmares Keith has implanted while angrily reciting the day’s news. I didn’t watch Keith last night because the local news is already too devastating (babies over bridges and homicidal teens) to know just what exactly Bush did today. I’ll catch up later tonight, and then I’ll come down from the anxiety with irrelevance.

The WGA strike has been devastating; before the writers stood up for themselves (FYI: I’m totally behind them, gooo writers!) I had set a schedule for myself at night revolving around a talking dead girl and Nate Fisher The Lawyer. This is monumental as I spent almost an entire academic year devoted to reality television in the interest of college journalism. I was once bereft without Stewart and Colbert but today I feel empty and used from their comedic tactics.

And here’s why: Colbert was engaged in a playful feud with late-night host Conan O’Brien. Colbert was promised that if #$%uckabee won the primaries he could serve as Vice President. Colbert believes he “made #$%uckabee,” while ‘O Brien claims that because Chuck Norris with his Walker Texas Ranger pull, thus making Colbert, so Stewart steps in and says no, He made O’Brien, and finally O’Brien says that’s it, we’re going to fight. Fisticuffs! This brings me much joy. So much joy that I stay awake to watch Late Night with Conan because the fisticuffs don’t come out on Comedy Central.
And then I realize I’ve been betraying The Good Word of Winifred because this is all over #$%uckabee! #$%uckabee interrupts the fight claming—wait, is there anything in your mouth right now? Juice? Animal cracker dust? Pasta maybe? Swallow.—that this great nation made him. Hold on while I find a barf bucket. Feeling nauseated I turn off the television and go to sleep, hoping the world will spin a little slower.
I was already feeling bad about my accidental betrayal, until I realized that today is Super Tuesday (Maryland votes next week, so while I was paying attention to politics it hadn’t quite clicked.) when I sat down in front of a bigscreen TV tuned to CNN’s all-day-all-night-all-the-time-with-Anderson-Cooper SUPER TUESDAY COVERAGE. Oh, God, I felt sick. Not only had I betrayed my beliefs in the name of humor, but I’ve been played. The fight was staged the night before Super Tuesday. For votes!

My head is so heavy, the pain so excruciating, that I need both hands to hold it up. Typing this, you may imagine, a grievous task. I’m in a sea of sadness. I am bereft. I am drowning in waves of doomful regret.

COMING SOON: It’s Fat Tuesday, Let the Sinning Begin!; Ash Wednesday; Reasons Why Ina Garten Reminds Me of My Aunt or Reasons Why Even Biscuit Calls Ina Garten “Aunt Ina.”


Dude said...

If it makes you feel better, those of us living in Oregon will not really have a say in the primaries as we do not vote until MAY! Yes, really. Not only do I not get an "I Voted" sticker and go to a polling location like normal people, but I do not get to vote until May. I can only hope someone worthy is left by that point.

In protest of this craziness, I have turned off the tv for the night. Thankfully, the public library had supplied me with reading.

Charlotte said...

Look at it this way: Huckabee can only steal votes from that $%*ing McCain at this point.

Not that it'll keep that creep from winning.

Also, Conan bores me. And Jon is still one of my two tv boyfriends.

Captain said...

E: OR should send "I Voted" stickers with your ballot. Alternatively, you should campaign for real voting.

C: He is so yours. Conan is less appealing now that I'm not 19 and unable to stay up late and remain refreshed in the morning. I wish someone important would point out McCain can't LEGALLY serve as President and get the debacle of Law Changing done NOW instead of LATER.