Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She'll get her vitamins elsewhere, haters!

Winifred sent this a few weeks ago. This is a new story to me, and has brought to light that my grandmother would boycott anyone, proving that my ability to drop anything (Domino's, Nike, The Frito Lay Company/Pepsi/ goes on and on) may be genetic. Of course, this incident is far more important, and helped bring down Anita Bryant.
Hello Girls,

As it happens, Aunt [Ina], Dad, and I watched Milk last night. Aunt [Ina] and I were discussing it today. She casually dropped this comment into the conversation: "Do you remember when Mom was so angry with Anita Bryant, her railing was not enough--she boycotted the orange juice?" Well, NO, I do not remember this, as I was not living in the home at the time. Of course, Ina was not living there either. I KNEW you would want to know this bit of info about Grandma.

Love, MOM

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