Friday, July 27, 2007

Luckily I Bought An Extra Box

Winifred sent this almost an hour ago in reference of this week's events. The two of us have been communicating most of the evening: first I called her to ask advice on melting chocolate without a double boiler, then she called some hours later to advise how to melt the chocolate because my attention for the slowly melting chocolate in the microwave faltered and I severely obliterated two of the ten ounces. I started over and succeeded, marking the third call. All of the melting was to construct Magnolia's Chocolate Buttercream. At the end of the day I've made two types of icing, 30+ cupcakes and defeated level five in The New Super Mario Bros.

Winifred's fellow chocolatiers range in age; this one is a recent high school graduate. He

Hi Honey,
[Co-worker] went to Warp Tour as well with friends. They then "followed" , to use Ann's word, the band to Hard Times Cafe in DC. The band is Amber Lynn. I asked him today what the band is--I may not be spelling it correctly. I had planned to inquire about the following, but it got so busy and then I forgot. Are you familiar with the band?
Love, MOM

It turns out that this is my seventh year at the Vans Warped Tour. I've almost come full circle; the theme during my first year was Lucha Libre; this year's theme was "Lucky 13" but the main attraction were three one-hour lucha wrestling demos. In the frenzy of interviewing bands and photographing the thirty minute sets for my self-published magazine I accidentally managed to miss all three.

The band that Winifred's co-worker followed was Anberlin, a Christian rock band from Florida. I'm somewhat apathetic to the group in general; I'm not specifially engaged by the group's album, which isn't to say that it isn't good, I'm just sort of bored. Still, the band has some hype and an avid--almost psychotically devoted--fanbase (which includes one of my three roommates) which is what drew me to the interview with Stephen Christian. He was friendly, soft-spoken, and insightful.
The after-party Wednesday's show was held in Washington, DC--I left my last interview around 4 p.m. and dragged my weary body to the parking lot. My other roommate drove us home and we both fell asleep before 9 p.m., before the after-party was scheduled to begin. We would have never survived an after-party to work Thursday morning at our respective jobs.
However, Winifred's e-mail implied a variety of things, so I called her. First, I said, Anberlin played the SmartPunk stage after my friends immediately left the adjoining stage, meaning it was 1) possible that her co-worker and I rubbed elbows 2) as a result of sharing the floor pit, watched my friends together 3) 88% of the crowd didn't know my friends but after three songs were actively engaged, meaning he could be one of the people who picked up their CD for $5.
I told Winifred this on the phone. She was quiet for a pause before she said, "He could have bought it. That would be cool."
I agree.

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